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Under our Best for All approach, we are continuing to invest in order to increase our capabilities in integrated and mill steelmaking technologies. The goal is to produce next-generation steels that not only improve the goods of our clients but also work toward a lower-carbon, more sustainable environment.


We take pride in the communities in which our activities are located. We are engaging and supporting our neighbors and employees to strengthen our communities through volunteer work, corporate contributions, partnerships in support of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics  education, and scholarship awards.


Steel is one of the most ecological resources on earth, being infinitely recyclable with no quality loss. After it has reached the end of its useful life in one application, steel is fully recyclable for a new application. New products that contain up to 90 percent recycled steel embody the concept of eternal steel, in which unlimited recyclability meets unique production and finishing techniques.


The market is becoming more difficult and volatile, therefore issues will arise. We were the first to hear when problems in the supply chain threatened the reliability of deliveries to a major client. So, we acted promptly by forming an interdisciplinary group to start brainstorming potential solutions right away. Fixing the problem requires flawless on-time delivery performance of 100%. Other contracts were also handed out. Happiness and growth in the relationship for both partners.

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