CF9SMnPb36 Steel Grade: The Perfect Balance of Strength and Machinability

CF9SMnPb36 Steel Grade: The Perfect Balance of Strength and Machinability

CF9SMnPb36 is a low carbon, free-cutting steel grade that is commonly used in various industries due to its excellent balance of strength and machinability. This steel grade is known for its exceptional formability, which allows for easy machining and shaping.

The mechanical properties of CF9SMnPb36 make it a versatile choice for numerous applications. It has a tensile strength of approximately 540-690 MPa, providing good strength and durability. CF9SMnPb36 also exhibits a yield strength of around 390-590 MPa, ensuring that it can withstand significant loads without permanent deformation. Additionally, this steel grade offers a high elongation capability, typically ranging from 15% to 25%, allowing it to resist cracking during forming processes.

The chemical composition of CF9SMnPb36 plays a critical role in shaping its mechanical properties. This steel grade contains approximately 0.08% carbon, 1.40% manganese, 1.50% sulfur, 0.35-0.43% silicon, and 0.25-0.35% phosphorus. It also includes 0.15-0.35% lead, which contributes to the excellent machinability of CF9SMnPb36. The presence of lead particles in the microstructure helps reduce friction and chip formation during machining, resulting in enhanced productivity and improved surface finish.

Overall, CF9SMnPb36 is a well-balanced steel grade that offers a combination of strength and machinability. Its mechanical properties make it suitable for various applications, including automotive components, precision parts, and fasteners. The chemical composition ensures easy machinability without compromising the strength of the material, making CF9SMnPb36 an ideal choice for applications that require both formability and robustness.
CF9SMnPb36 Steel grade