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Considering the facts and figures, p355nl1 quality steel is an excellent alternative to the conventional steel with respect to its hardness, physical strength and durability. In getting maximum output with minimum input, the application of p355nl1 quality steel can be enlisted in various sections of construction with huge demand, mainly in power plants, fertilizer plants and boilers.

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The p355nl1 quality steel is a common product

p355nl1 quality steel is the most widely used low-alloy high-strength sheet steel in the United States, which has a large number of products. It is made with an electrochemical method called heat treatment to kill secondary hardening.

The p355nl1 steel grade is a high yield, low alloy, quenched and tempered steels. The yield and tensile values for the material are in the range of 355 N/mm2 to 420 N/mm2 (50 to 60 ksi). To be considered as p355nl1 steel grade requirements, the following minimal content must be met: manganese 0.45% minimum, silicon 0.40% minimum and phosphorus 0.22% maximum.

From the foregoing, it is clear that p355nl1 steel is a high quality structural steel grade. Structural steels are essential and they form the backbone of any construction. Due to their durability and wide range of available grades, structural steel is used in bridges, buildings, railways, ships and other such vehicles. It is largely resistant to corrosion because of the special alloying agents and thus the cost of p355nl1 steel per kg is also lower.

P355NL1 steel mechanical properties(EN10025:1994)

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P355NL1 quality steel

The main qualities of p355nl1 quality steel is that its tensile strength and impact are higher than common quality steel, also it can do greater carrying capacity for its weight.  p355nl1 quality steel meets the needs of high-rise buildings and large span bridges.

p355nl1 quality steel is a common structural, building and construction steel. The special steel p 355 nl 1 is a non-alloy quality steel that is developed for welding applications in various constructive and industrial purposes.  p 355 nl 1 technical data sheet can be requested from the relevant producer or distributor.

p355nl1 quality steel is alloyed low-carbon steel with improved yield strength and tensile strength, toughness and ductility. The steel is typically subjected to cold working after rolling to further enhance these properties. However, the improvement in properties and strength still falls short of that achievable when alloying steels with higher carbon content such as p460 or p460nl1.

Now a days, in every country of the world, steel has not only become an essential material in construction industry but also has been widely used in many other industries for manufacturing different kinds of finished products. So it is a kind of important and strategic material in the world. In Turkey , p355nl1 is one of the most popular quality steel grades among local manufacturers and it is widely used to manufacturing bridge construction parts, ship building components etc. A quality steel must be not only having high mechanical properties but also have good weldability. So if you are looking for some special p355nl1 products, or order standard steel bar to building your factories, don?t hesitate talking to us now!

Special p355nl1 products

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P355NL1 steel is a high quality steel product. It is mainly used to fabric high-end shipbuilding and oil platform, offshore gas drilling platform and other modern engineering machinery, equipment and large steel construction project.

p355nl1 is a kind of steel coil, hight quality carbon manganese steel sheet, hot rolled, cold rolled, because steel production for different purposes is used for the production shall be customized.

All of our products strictly comply with the national standard, strictly prohibited for body organs, containing not qualified for special steel. Powder coatings are also applied to protect it from rust and corrosion.

According to the GB/T700-2008 standard, Q355GNH is a kind of high strength structural steel, with yield strength above 315MPa. For example, the yield strength of boron added Q355GNH steel is 320~360Mpa, or 345Mpa according to the standard.

When it comes to steel, the most commonly used metric is the ?quality? or strength of the steel. We determine this based on two numbers, one that measures the yield strength and the other that measures ultimate strength. The quality number is a combination of these two leading to a maximum value of 100 that indicates no defects in the material.

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P355NL1 quality steel has high strength

P355NL1 quality steel has high strength,good toughness, good wear resistance and is particularly suitable for machined parts. P355NL1 steel belongs to the German standard DIN 17100-3 grade special steel, its tensile strength is 345MPa, Yield strength is 235MPa. P355NL1 steel belongs to the alloy structural steel, with Q+T or T+Q or Q prime symbol in the German standard Bohler standard and it’s maximum working temperature is +836?.

p355nl1 steel is a low carbon mild steel. p355nl1 quality steel is characterized by a combination of good mechanical properties (low hardness, yield strength and melting point), high ductility and resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

p355nl1 steel Mechanical Properties – Tc40 to Tc320 p355nl1 steel Chemical Properties – Corrosion Resistance to Atmosphere and ? p355nl1 steel is a low carbon martensite steel that possesses medium tensile properties. The highest strength range of p355nl1 material compare with the other grade of low carbon martensite steels are usually used in oil and natural gas industry, offshore platform, petrochemical plant , pipelines , welding structure in industrial mill.

The production process of p355nl1 steel includes:Making steel ingots by electric arc furnace and rolling the steel into plates by continuous casting.

P355NL1 quality steel plate/sheet

p355nl1 quality steel plate/sheet are widely used in air preheater,air heater,radiator,

Good quality hot rolled weldable high strength steel plate, en 10025-1 S355J0 steel plate in Turkey … p355nl1 quality steel is used, as well as p235gh and all standard Q345R plates … Turkey Mild Steel Plate, Q235 Bar, P235GH Steel …

p355ns1 steel is the most common platforms for building steel structure manufacturing, the yield strength in the value of 355Mpa for the hot rolled structural steel and about 325Mpa for cold drawn structural steel, p355ns1 quality steel with high toughness, good weld ability, forming and excellent welding performance, p355ns1 quality steel with a low price than other quenched and tempered platform.

Alloy steel p355nl1 is a low carbon, high alloy structural quality product. It has good mechanical properties and high elongation. This steel has wide applications in petroleum refining, chemical industry, engineering machinery and equipment manufacture.

p355nl1 steel quality
p355nl1 steel quality

P355NL1 steel is a low alloy

P355NL1 steel is a low alloy, common carbon structural steel. The maximum tensile strength (MPa) of this grade is 355, minimum yield strength (Mpa) 145. P355NL1 steel plates are produced by heating, austenitize and cooling plus spheroidizing and temper at various cycle time and temperature to get the different mechanical properties for the different application.

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p355nl1 quality steel is a 250Mpa QStE50.

P355NL1 steel Mechanical Properties

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P355NL1 is one of the most common grades of steel used in quality construction. It is often used in heavy-duty applications and has a tensile strength of up to 100,000 psi. Steels like this are produced using the open-hearth process. This process uses charcoal as fuel to heat up the metal until it is molten, then stirs it with scrap metal and removes any impurities through this process. P355NL1 steel offers an excellent combination of toughness, hardness and strength in rolled sections, and offers corrosion resistance in welded sections.

In the industry of steel, different types of alloys are also produced to fulfill the requirements for particular applications. For most common applications, alloy steels are used. There are numerous properties that qualify a material for being an alloy steel.

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P355NL1 Steel Properties

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EN 10025-2:2004 is the main standard of European steel, it’s the second edition of EN 10025-1. The most important to our discussion are chapters 1 to 8 on structural steels); 13, 14 on hot-rolled products; and 15 and 16 on cold-formed sections.

The material is designed to withstand a number of different pressures and can be used for a variety of purposes.With so much variation in use, it?s important for any interested parties to find out about the standard materials used. This will ensure safety and efficiency across the board.