The 10CrMo910 steel grade is commonly used in industries that require high-temperature and high-pressure applications. Some of the industries that use this steel grade include:

1. Power Generation: The 10CrMo910 steel grade is used in the construction of boilers, steam pipelines, and other components in power plants.

2. Oil and Gas: It is used in the production and processing of oil and gas, including the construction of pipelines, refineries, and storage tanks.

3. Petrochemical: The steel grade is used in petrochemical plants for the construction of reactors, heat exchangers, and other components that handle high-pressure and high-temperature processes.

4. Chemical Processing: The 10CrMo910 steel is used in the construction of vessels and equipment for various chemical processes, such as inorganic chemical production, fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals.

5. Manufacturing: Industries involved in the production of steel, cement, and other materials that require high-temperature processes may use this steel grade for equipment construction.

6. Aerospace: Certain components in the aerospace industry, such as engine parts, may require the use of 10CrMo910 steel due to its high strength and resistance to high temperatures.

It is worth noting that these are just a few examples, and the 10CrMo910 steel grade may find application in other industries as well, depending on specific engineering requirements.