Steel producers

The world’s largest steel producers

5 Turkish companies were also included in the list of the world’s largest steel producers.

The 2010 version of the “World’s Largest Steel Producers List”, which is traditionally prepared every year by Metal Bulletin, has been announced. There were 116 companies from all over the world in the list that can be entered by the producers that produced 2 million tons or more of crude steel in 2010. 5 companies from Turkey became one of the world’s largest steel producers.

Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal, which increased its production by 23.6 percent compared to the previous year and produced 90.5 million tons of steel in 2010, ranked first in the list, while Chinese steel producers Hebei Steel came second after ArcelorMittal, and Baosteel With 44.5 million tons, Wuhan Steel was third with 36.6 million tons, and Nippon Steel, located in Japan, was fifth with 36.1 million tons.

The companies, which were in the top 4 of the World’s Largest Steel Producers List in 2009, retained their place in the 2010 list as well. South Korean company Posco, which ranked 5th in 2009, lost its place to Japanese Nippon Steel, which increased its production by 30.9 percent to 36.1 million tons this year.



While 57 of the 116 manufacturers and groups included in the list were Chinese manufacturers, Erdemir Group, one of the establishments located in Turkey, ranked 47th in the list with its production of 7.1 million tons. Erdemir, Habaş ranked 72nd in the list with a production of 4.4 million tons, İçdaş ranked 76th in the list with a production of 3.6 million tons, and Diler ranked 108th in the list with a production of 2.3 million tons. Çolakoğlu Metalurji, which ranked 110th in the list with its group and 2.1 million tons of production, followed suit.

Experts estimate that in parallel with the increase in Turkey’s steel production, the number of Turkish steel producers in the list will increase in the coming years and the existing steel producers will climb to higher ranks.

The places of the world’s top 10 steel producers and Turkish companies in the list, their production in 2009 and 2010 are as follows: (million tons)


—– —– —- —– —–

1- ArcelorMittal Luxembourg 73.2 90.5 23.6

2- Hebei Steel China 40.2 52.9 31.4

3- Baosteel China 38.9 44.5 14.5

4- Wuhan China 30.3 36.6 20.5

5- Nippon Steel Japan 27.6 36.1 30.9

6- Posco S.Korea 29.5 33.7 14.2

7- JFE Steel Japan 26.3 32.7 24.3

8- Shagang Group China 26.4 30.1 14.1

9- Shougang China 17.3 25.8 49.5

10- Tata Steel India 21.9 23.5 7.3

47- Erdemir Turkey 6.5 7.1 9.2

72- Habaş Turkey 2.7 4.4 66.3

76- İçdaş Turkey 3.0 3.6 19.1

108- Diler Turkey 2.2 2.3 4.1

110- Çolakoğlu Turkey 2.4 2.1 -9.7